Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quick Healthy Lunch-when it was lunch time 30 mins ago!!

Add to bowl:

1 stick cubed celery
2 ripe diced tomatoes
Handful of cooked sweetcorn(I boil it with the pasta)
2 handfuls of cooked spelt pasta
1 small tin of Tuna( I use Charles Basset-Thon Blanc-very tasty worth the extra pennies)
Drizzle of Olive oil and Tamari soya sauce
Freshly ground Black pepper

And Mix!
I served it with carrot and celery batons.

Monday, August 27, 2007

ohh the extra meringue topping!

Eton Mess

This is so yummy,healthy and easy!!!

Organic yogurt, crushed M&S meringe and fresh organic strawberries!!!

Carrot Cake

I have a good healthy recipe-leave a comment if you would like the recipe:0)

Plum coconut crumble

Firstly I must apologise for not taking photos:( but the crumble topping is so simple and yummy that it would be sinful to not share it. So here goes

Chop up a plums in big bite size pieces-enough to cover base of your dish.
Sprinkle on some organic blueberry cordial and some soft brown sugar to taste. I also added a small swirl of vanilla bean paste or could use vanilla extract

Next you make the crumble-we need- butter 2oz, plain flour about 4oz, soft brown sugar abt 2 oz, 1-2 T of dessicated coconut and 1-2 T of oats.

Cube butter and mix with flour and sugar, add the rest and sprinkle on to fruit. I had a small dish of fruit so saved half of my crumble topping for another crumble tommorow.

Bake in hot oven-180deg C for 15-20 mins for small dish or 20-30 mins for large dish)