Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washing Leeks

Leeks! Delicious but always tricky to wash out the muddy grit trapped between layers. Simply cut a criss-cross into the top layers and place under running water and with your hands wipe away the grit. It works!

Almond Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Pecan Nut Cookie, Macadamia Cookie

Almond Cookies Masquerade:

It is an almond cookie:

Is it a pecan cookie?

Is it a cherry cookie?

Is it a macadamia cookie?

No. It is all an Almond Cookie Masquerade.

Holiday Painting Impressions

His sea-side:

Her sea-side:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Geomag ballet

My 2yr old loves making ballerinas with Geomag. On this occasion my 6yr old obliged by making a dancing partner. It's great when they play together harmoniously:)

Fish and chips

My sons special request: Mummy's home-made fish and chips.

Once this bit is done, the rest is easy!

Recipe improver tips:
  1. Use freeze-dried chives in the breadcrumb mix.
  2. Season flour with salt, pepper, smokey paprika and mustard powder.

Rocket Cake

This chocolate brownie cake tastes a lot better than its gaudy looks.

The mix for it was rather colourful too!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mukka Express

I miss my Mukka!! Good looking, sometimes high maintenance but worth it....I had a short love affair with my mukka but it was turning me into too much of a coffee junkie. So I made someones day on e-bay:).

I used to sprinkle the top with drinking choc and vanilla sugar. What a treat!

Love it and set it free. If it was true love, one day it will be back. That day is beckoning.