Friday, May 23, 2008

Toffee Marshmallow Krispies

Too easy to make!

You need:

9 toffee sweeties
9 fat marshmallows
1 stingy T golden syrup
75g butter
100g rice krispies or cornflakes or combo
12 smarties to decorate

Do this:

Place first 4 ingredients into a pan on low heat and stir until melted
Add cereal and spoon into 12 muffin cases in muffin pan
Decorate with a smarties and try not to eat for at least an hour(setting)

Garlic Bread

That is garlic posing amongst the citrus...NOT SPRING ONIONS!

Is it wild garlic? bread??

Armedillo perhaps?

Pizza Toppings

Today, we have, kalamata olives, leeks, red and yellow peppers, grated cheddar, asparagus, sweetcorn, and homemade tomatoe paste in the centre.

The hard work is done now lets start decorating Kids!

His name is Boris!

Spelt Spaghetti

This has a great depth of flavour and is of course far superior in nutrients than its paler cousin.

Spaghetti Bolognese with a chili con-carne twist.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Easy tasty Burtha-Mashed Spiced Aubergine

Is it a dip? Is it a pate? Is it a North Indian curry? Is it a sandwich filling?

Whatever you want it to be, it tastes 100 times better than it looks!

  • Bake a washed and pricked (with a fork) aubergine on a piece of foil in a hot oven for 40-60mins.
  • When cooked and cooled(for handling purpose), cut in half and scoop out flesh using a tablespoon and scarping the skin to capture the smokey flavour.
In a pan, add:
  • 1 T oil-olive oil and rapeseed combo
  • 1 diced onion
  • Fry on med heat for 5 min
  • Add 1 slashed green chili
  • Add 1-2 diced fresh tomatoes
  • Fry on med heat for 5 min
  • Add aubergine pulp
  • Cover and cook for 8 min
  • Add 1 small finely diced red onion
  • Cover and cook for a further 7-8 min
  • Turn of the heat and serve anywhich way you please.
For first timers, I recommend eating in a sandwich or with indian breads. This is a low labour intensive dish with a high rating taste!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dinosaur Pasta Jewelry

Threading activity to improve fine motor skills and satisfy Dino-craze!

Makes His...

....and Hers.

Cookies with Milk

Still too hot!

WOww, (s)Weetie ones too!

Now, how do we make them healthier?

Just add milk!


What gorgeous colours!

I love the variety in sizes, characteristic of organic produce.

Organic Mini Burgers

In a bowl add:
  • 1 finely chopped onion
  • 1-2 cloves of minced garlic(Ikea garlic crushers are great for whole clove with skin & easy to clean)
  • 1 t good quality smokey paprika (will post pic of my favoured brand)
  • 1 t salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 t sesame seeds
  • 1 t garam masala-optional
  • 1 minced green chillie-only if you like it HOT.
  • 500g organic beef mince
Knead them altogther to mix and combine.

Next shape into burgers to fit your buns and let them rest for atleast 20 minutes. I usually make them early on and leave them to chill in the fridge untill needed for the meal.

To cook, place under a hot grill(broiler) or barbeque. I do 6-10minutes per side but it depends on the size of your burger and preference.

Now for the really fun part, assemble in a bun with shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and pan fried mushrooms. Ohh and you could add slip some of that homemade coleslaw in too! I enjoy it more because I know what is in it.

Quick Coleslaw

The main work needed here is just shredding. In the past I have used the shredder on a food processor but find that the result is not the desired crispy coleslaw. Besides, I'd much rather wash a sharp knife and a chopping board rather than the whole hulla baloo that goes with the afore mentioned gadget. So the combination that works for me is:

  • 1/2 pointed cabbadge
  • 1/2 red onion or 3-4 spring onions
  • 3-5 carrots
  • 1 small apple
Combine, season and add 2-3T of good quality organic mayonaise. I used:

If you are out of mayo, you could be super healthy and use yogurt with a dash of maple syrup and 1 crused clove of garlic.

If you want to make it more special you could add a combination of:
  • pecans
  • walnuts
  • toasted almonds
  • pine nuts
  • chopped apricots(none of those orange sulphur dioxide zapped radioactive ones!)
  • raisins and the like(currants,sultanas...)
  • pomegrante seeds
  • dates
Much tastier and nutrient rich than the plastic wrapped tubs!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pizza Night

HERS... :

and HIS :
This is the one time I don't feel guilty about feeding my family pizza-when its organic home-made pizza! My son insists on always adding his own toppings and my daughter is following suite. I found a great base recipe on the web by Anthony Worrel Thompson called perfect pizza dough, link:
This was voted the best dough recipe so far by my family.

I have a foolproof tasty tomato sauce recipe for my pizzas and the left overs can be used as a tomato relish to go with burgers or salmon fishcakes.

Pizza base tomato sauce

It has slight variations but the basic is this:
In hot olive oil add- *1 diced onion and oregano
cook for 3-4 min then add *1-2 clove crushed garlic
then add (to up the veg count) *1 grated carrot and or courgette
next add *a tin of plum chopped tomatoes
and cook down while prepping toppings. Season with salt and pepper. I keep the lid off and keep cooking until all the liquid has evaporated off and you have a thick sauce.

TOPPINGS we used were
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Black Spanish olives from deli counter
  • Frozen sweetcorn
  • Fresh tomatoes marinated in Olive oil with
  • Spring onions
  • Onion slices
  • Sliced courgettes
  • Leeks and baby sweetcorn are also a favourite, overlooked on this occasion
  • Cheddar cheese
The pizza is cooked at 220C for ten minutes and drizzled with my homemade garlic and coriander infused olive oil when it comes out! Add freshly ground black pepper and grated Parmesan to taste:).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iced Coffee and Ice Cocoa


I must use up the vegetables that lurk at the back of the fridge threatening to go off. A news report this week about the amount of waste in domestic kitchens sent me running to the forgotten corners of my fridge. I found that the ingredients needing imminent care spelt out ratatouille! I find the quickest way to make this dish is to oven roast. I used:
  • 1 aubergine
  • 1 yellow pepper and green pepper
  • 3-4 leeks
  • 2-3 spring onions(usually I use red onions)
  • 1/2 a tin of plum tomatoes (usually I may add 1 tin, but I used up what was open)
  • 2-3 fresh tomatoes
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary from the garden:)

I chopped all the veg to roughly the same size and placed in a large plastic food bag. Next I added a glug of olive oil, sea salt(adjust if adding tamari too), pepper,balsamic vinegar, chille and ginger sauce and 1 fresh green chillie halved.

Gave a good shake in the bag to combine and placed in a rectangle deep baking dish. I added the tinned tomatoes at this stage and covered with foil and placed in oven with baking potatoes. 180C for about an hour(time taken for spuds).
I removed the foil for the last 15 mins of cooking time.

I served this with Baked pots and salad but will use the left overs with pasta.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mr Short n Snowy in April

It snowed only last month and now the sun is shining like a midsomers day!

Homemade Shepherds Pie

I have a few tips on how to make pies such as this and my fish pie more nutritious and tasty for my family.

1 Use plenty of vegetables in lamb mince mixture e.g. carrots,swedes,courgettes...what ever lurks in the fridge. (broc and caulis not recommended)

2 Use a mixture of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes for the potato layer-sweet potatoes are very good for you but my kids will run a mile away if served on their own. Perhaps other root vegetable or squashes could also be incorporated into this layer.

3 When making cheese sauce for fish pie try steaming one cauliflower and then liquidise in a blender-add grated cheese to it and seasoning. This gives a whole extra vegetable portion.

4 Add a topping of sliced leeks to the potato layer and cover with grated cheese to prevent burning-very delicious and another vegetable portion.

Strawberry & Coconut Muffins

Dry Ingredients:
225g pln flour
100g caster sugar
2t baking powder
25-50g of good quality dessicated coconut(I used crazy jacks organic)
1 small punnet chopped strawberries-about 150-200g

Wet Ingredients:
8floz milk
4floz rapeseed oil
1 large egg
1-2 t vanilla extract

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix to combine only(that is do not overmix)
Spoon into 12 muffin cases in muffin pan
20 minutes at 180C in fan oven.

They were a big hit with all the family:)

Yes, even with the little Miss!