Friday, May 16, 2008

Dinosaur Pasta Jewelry

Threading activity to improve fine motor skills and satisfy Dino-craze!

Makes His...

....and Hers.


Renee said...

where do I find Dinosuar shaped pasta? I've look all over the net and can't find it. My daughter is having a dino themed birthday and would love this!!!
Thank you,

Renee said...

was wondering where you found the dinosaur pasta? I've searched the internet but cant' find it. We are having a birthday party for my daughter in Sept. 08 and she would LOVE these pastas.
Thank you!

Organic Recipes said...

I bought this about 4-5 years ago from a local supermarket-Budgens. We are using them for arts and crafts because they are past their best before date. The brand is 'organic pasta pals'