Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Homemade chocolate coffee cake

Got another awesome choc coffee cake recipe. It was soooooooooo good the camera and cake never had a chance to meet but the above pic is a close likeness. This is more choco than coffee:

All ingredient organic & at room temp.Oven on at 180degs C

2 eggs
4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
4oz self raising flour
1oz cocoa
2oz ground almonds
1t baking powder
2T hot milk with 2t each of coffee granules & drinking choc
1oz smashed up chunks of choc

Using electric whisk- cream together sugar and butter
Add beaten ggs and coffee choc mixture at intervals
Add abit of sieved flour if looking curdly
Add flour cocoa & almonds
Chuck in chunks of choc
Line 7-9'' caketin with greaseproof tin liner and bake for 22-25 min
Cool and ice with simple icing:
2t coffee granules and drinking choc in 1T boiled water. Add to 1 oz whipped butter & 1-2 oz icingsugar. I also added some golden syrup to my icing(ran out of icing sugar).
Very tasteee and even better if left in fridge and eaten next day for breakfast.

Monday, April 16, 2007

How choco coffee cake recipe was born

This is all you need for happy tastebuds:
3 medium eggs whisked together with a fork
6oz butter/marg (i use 2:1)
6oz caster sugar
6oz SRflour
1-2oz chunks of dark choc
2T of hot milk with 3tcoffee granules and 1-2T drinking chocolate.
But first:

Happiness: A concious decision to be in a good mood & smile no matter what the day brings-that is the lesson I learnt 2day. 2day was my partners birthday. My present to him was to be cheerful and give him total freedom in choosing his activities and to cake or not to cake. I am known for baking cakes at the drop of a hat and HE does not appreciate the calories involved. So I thought it would be refreshing if I gave him the choice of having a cake or not. Personally I'd feel a birthday is incomplete without a cake. He chose no cake!
So the day went on in between looking after kids, I busied myself with preaparing his favourite dishes, cheese and parsley omlette for brekky with cardomen(nb.used more than one so spelling is 'men' not 'man'-ha ha ha) and cinnamon infused tea, salad for lunch and his very favourite dish of kidney beans curry with rice all done with a skip in my step and a uplifting song in heart. The burden of nagging and having expectations was lifted today and I was actually feeling happy; like I'd set a bird free from its cage. This good mood was probably unnerving to my dear husband as I must admit my recent mood had been blacker than night.
Anyway getting back to the cake- come kids bed time sobs were heard from my 5yrolds bedroom. On enquiring the reason for his saddness he revealed ' but it was Da's birthday today and we did not have his birthday'-translated this means there was no cake!!! I promised my lil darling we would have cake in the morning and whispered in his ear-I've got it-Da will love coffee cake.
So with both kids in bed; Mr 5 and Miss 1; and birthday boy out at the golf range(making use of his freedom) I set to work on the coffee cake.
No recipes in my cookbooks or the www. without sour cream , walnuts or mascarpone(ingredients I did not have). So I decided to create my own recipe and during cooking-it was the most delicious smelling cake mix I've mixed in a long time and it tasted good too (b4 cookin). It inspired me to set up my blog page-this I must share with the world-it would be selfish not to. So here goes the recipe:

Put oven on at 180 degrees C
(T-tablespoon, t-teaspoon, SR-self-raising)
All ingredients at room temp:

3 medium eggs whisked together with a fork
6oz butter/marg (i use 2:1)
6oz caster sugar
6oz SRflour
1-2oz chunks of dark choc
2T of hot milk with 3tcoffee granules and 1-2T drinking chocolate.

Beat butter and sugar together, add about 1T of egg and coffee mixture and continue beating
repeat until all used up and add bit of sifted flour in between if looks like its gonna curdle, add all remaining SRflour.
Mix in chunks of dark choc (I smash'em in plastic bag with rolling pin etc)
divide mixture between two 8'' sanwich tins and cook for 20-25 mins on 180 degrees C
cool and sanwich together with:
3-4oz soft butter whipped together with 1-2oz of icing sugar, 1oz drinking choc and mixture of 1T hot water with 2t coffee & 4t drinking choc. adjust amount of icing sugar to personal preference for sweetness.
spread this icing on top of cake too and sprinkle with grated choc.

Yummy!! Managed to get hubbie to cut it just before midnight with an incensce stick for a candle and my solo happy birthday song-nothing to rival Marilyn Monroe singing to JFK on his b'day, but she did not invent her own cake recipe on his b'day hah!
Thank goodness 4 my sons wakeup call 4 cake. The joy on my husbands face at 5 to midnight when I called him to cut his cake told me that he would have been disappointed had I not made cake. Me who bakes cakes for everyone else on the planet, how could I not bake a cake for my soulmate.